Saturday, April 20, 2024

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MSU consolidates Title IX protections for pregnant students and employees

MSU’s Office for Civil Rights and Title IX Education and Compliance introduced a new policy outlining protections for students and employees who are pregnant, experiencing childbirth or pregnancy-related conditions, or are parents. Qualifying students who request accommodations can be granted periodic absences from class, extensions on assignments and can take breaks from class to express milk.


Future Black educators at MSU navigate careers as education becomes politicized

Since 2021, 44 states have taken steps to restrict the teaching of critical race theory, as well as discussions of racism and sexism in classrooms, according to data from Education Weekly. 18 states have either signed these restrictions into law or approved similar actions. Black teacher education freshman Ferguson said these attacks on Black history affect both her identity and future profession. At the same time, they make her motivation to become a teacher stronger.


Black representation among faculty is vital to student belonging, success, students say

“Having a professor that looks like you is important because it shows what’s possible and it, at times, can provide a sense of belonging, where you’re not feeling isolated,” Sheri Lewis, an assistant professor in the Department of African American and African Studies, said. “You see there’s someone that looks like you, (and) possibly have (a) similar background as you, it can be motivating and inspiring and provides a sense of hope and belonging.”


‘Fearless’ MSU baseball team gears up for 2024 season

As a new season begins, high expectations continue for the team and a search for new hope begins as well. In 2023, the Spartans finished 33-22 and 12-12 in the Big Ten, as they placed seventh in the Big Ten, right behind the University of Michigan. MSU’s win total last season was the highest since winning 36 games in 2016.