Saturday, May 18, 2024

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MSU Memorial Tree honors shooting victims, students who died during academic year

A year after the February 13th shooting, only one permanent memorial honoring the students who were killed graces Michigan State University’s campus – the 2022-23 Student Memorial Tree. Data science sophomore Clara Linjewile believes the university should work with the families of the students who passed away to truly honor their lives. “Given the context of how they passed away, I feel like their lives should just be honored in a more significant way,” Linjewile said. 


MSU men's tennis Max Sheldon and Ozan Baris ranked No. 1 in doubles by ITA

Max Sheldon and Ozan Baris, two Michigan State tennis players who act as a dynamic duo on the tennis court, have received an honor from the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, or ITA, as being ranked as the number one doubles pair in the country. This achievement marks the first time any Spartan, either as a singles player or in a doubles team, has ever been ranked No. 1 in the country in the ITA rankings, the largest ranking organization in collegiate tennis. 


'I'm tired': ASMSU vice president of academic affairs resigns due to marginalization, isolation

"This is not a welcoming place of work and has not been for the three years I've been involved," Alissa Hakim wrote in the letter. "I am so appreciative of all the opportunities I've been granted and for all the relationships I’ve built, but it's not enough. I'm tired. I'm drained. This isn't one of those jobs where you pour from your cup and others pour back. It's a job where you have to work for everyone, even people that look at you as a monster."


MSU student groups hold menstrual product drive for Gaza

Students United for Palestinian Rights, or SUPR, Arab Cultural Society, or ACS, and Planned Parenthood Generation Action, or PPGA, have partnered to hold a Menstrual Product Drive for Gaza until Feb. 6 in room 206 at the Michigan State University International Center. The drive is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


Students talk Oscar nominations, award show culture

With the recent release of 2023 Oscar nominations, the Academy Awards have made their way back into trending topics. And although award shows typically don't have dull moments when it comes to controversy, this year's round of film awards have stirred up discussions surrounding awareness and sexism within the entertainment industry. 


MSU Comic Forum explores perspectives, personal stories through comic art

The Michigan State University Comic Forum transformed the university library’s third floor into a hub for comic enthusiasts, artists and scholars on during its 15th triennial convention on Saturday. From watercolor paintings with pens and paintbrushes to digital creations with a mouse, each artist had their own distinctive styles while staying true to one common theme: using art as a creative outlet.