Friday, September 29, 2023

News | Msu


Students protest Board of Trustees' refusal to release Nassar documents

“There's still more justice that needs to be served,” protest organizer Charlotte Plotzke said. “Why do you think they're hiding these documents? There is more to the story. And those stories matter. Survivors, their stories matter … and this institution is showing us that they do not believe that, and that is unacceptable.”


MSU breaks ground on future multicultural center

Construction on the new multicultural center is officially underway after MSU hosted a ground-breaking ceremony on April 21. The $38 million project will be the first free-standing multicultural center on campus after decades of student advocacy. 


Associated Students of MSU candidate goes rogue

“To be frank, I know my chances are very, very low right now," Computer science junior Kaden Cho said. “I've heard all about inclusion from everyone here and that the system that you guys have over here is pretty much built against it. Y'all are disgusting hypocrites.”