Sunday, February 25, 2024

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'I'm tired': ASMSU vice president of academic affairs resigns due to marginalization, isolation

"This is not a welcoming place of work and has not been for the three years I've been involved," Alissa Hakim wrote in the letter. "I am so appreciative of all the opportunities I've been granted and for all the relationships I’ve built, but it's not enough. I'm tired. I'm drained. This isn't one of those jobs where you pour from your cup and others pour back. It's a job where you have to work for everyone, even people that look at you as a monster."


MSU board approves campus infrastructure changes

Michigan State University’s Board of Trustees approved several agenda items that revise existing university policies and make changes to university infrastructure. That includes leasing two buildings on Hagadorn Road, renovating the packaging building and Campbell Hall, and revising a policy on how the university names buildings and facilities.


Denhollander: MSU is repeating mistakes, refusing to learn

In Rachael Denhollander’s eyes, MSU mishandled Tucker like it mishandled Nassar: saying leaders’ “hands were tied” until the public found out.Fixing the systemic problem is achievable, she says, but it’s gonna take some “moral courage” on the part of the board.