Friday, September 29, 2023

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The mystery of the mice at Akers Hall

Bethany Balks, the Associate Director for Communications of Residence Education and Housing Services, said there have been no pest-related maintenance requests from East Neighborhood submitted this semester.


Astrophysicist encourages listeners to reach for the stars

“You think about impacting people’s lives through making discoveries, developing technology, but really, for me, it’s bridging that gap," Hakeem Oluysei said. "I feel like we self-edit. People think oh, I can’t do that, I thought I was dumb until I saw you.”


Muslim students share opinions, hopes for Ramadan on campus

For students living on campus, MSU provides Ramadan dining hall options. For breakfast, the dining hall provides two pre-packaged breakfast options that will be available for pickup each day during dinner service at Brody Square, South Pointe at Case, The Vista at Shaw and The Edge at Akers.