Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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SSN and dreaMSU collaborate to create fund for furloughed international students

“There were other individuals from other organizations on campus who helped us make these connections and we would not be in the position we are now without them,” international relations sophomore Peyton Klochack said. “The way we made these decisions was always democratic and we were open about everything that we did. We made sure to have a debate and that everyone was on the same page before taking any actions.”


ASMSU questions President Stanley in GA meeting, new solar power agreement

Representative Blake Lajiness of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources kicked off the session by asking about the university’s future sustainability model, to which Stanley responded by talking about what the campus is currently doing and opened up about plans for a new solar energy expansion, with the intent on lowering the campus’s dependence on natural gas.


ASMSU announces student support grocery gift card program

The program, which doesn't affect a student's financial aid, is targeted toward students that were laid off by the Residential and Hospitality Services earlier this fall. Bill 57-30 allocated $33,000 of the ASMSU budget to go toward the creation of this fund. Later, the Office of the Provost pledged $15,000 and each class council pledged $500, bringing the total fund to $50,000.