Monday, June 24, 2024



TikTok influencers, toxic masculinity and representation: MSU students discuss

Throughout November, Tiktok Influencer Prayag Mishra has become a prominent figure of what has become known as the “sassy man apocalypse” on social media. Human biology freshman Isha Alsam said she feels culturally represented by Mishra. “As a Brown person myself, we’re very silly and I love seeing that one side in Brown men,” she said. “There needs to be more of that.”


Do companies still use sex appeal in marketing? MSU experts weigh in

Over the years, "sexual" marketing became more widespread, starting with tobacco companies but slowly moving on to others industries like clothing and appliances. While many may think that sexually suggestive ads would have gone down the drain in light of social issues like the #MeToo Movement, it turns out the concept is still very much alive ... it’s just taken on a new form. 


Musical artists, experts discuss hip-hop and Black culture at MSU School of Journalism event

The Michigan State University School of Journalism hosted "Uplifting Voices, Empowering Communities," an event discussing the prominence of hip-hop and Black culture, as well as the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Organized by journalism Assistant Professor Dr. Christina L. Myers, the event took place in communication arts and science building's WKAR studio. 


Native American Heritage Month celebrates community, highlights issues within MSU

November is Native American Heritage month, and with different events and programming taking place around campus, some community members of MSU feel that the university itself needs to do a better job to support the Native people and organizations. Ranging from things like the lack of recognition of the land grant, lack of funding and lack of support as a whole, community members look to change the treatment and role of Indigenous people at MSU.