Saturday, June 15, 2024



'More than D2L': Reactions to third-party learning platforms

Many students expressed how they felt the third-party platforms that professors use could be replicated using various features within D2L. King also believes that while she would not want to, she could make it through a semester with only D2L. Though, she does not think it would be beneficial for her or her students. 


'Your Black friends are tired': Mental health and civil unrest

Your Black friends are tired. Tired of explaining to closed ears, tired of seeing their movement turned to trends and tired of waking up worried for their life. It's more than speaking about your solidarity online; you need to be productive and authentic in the Black community when opportunities present themselves, Sims said.


'WAP': How college students feel about the new Cardi B song

Immediately upon release, the song sparked conversations about sexual empowerment. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion rap unashamedly about sex on the explicit track. A divide has formed as to whether the sexually explicit song is a good or bad contribution to pop culture today. 


Seniors, including two Black actors, left out of student-run Department of Theatre account's graduating seniors collage

“If you see something racist and you don’t say anything that’s just as bad as the racist act itself," Gooden said. "I feel like it’s important to speak up, hold yourself accountable, hold each other accountable, and then allow people the opportunity to learn from the situation, and if they don’t learn from the situation, then keep on holding them accountable. Don’t let up.”