Friday, April 12, 2024



Not 'just woman issues': Living with PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, commonly referred to as PCOS, is estimated to affect five to six million women in the United States. When acne popped up, and facial hair started randomly appearing on her chin, 23-year-old Dearborn resident Zeinab Khattab had no idea what was going on but knew something was off. "I think one of the main issues is that a lot of these symptoms are often chalked up to just being regular 'woman issues,'" Khattab said. 'Rather than it being a serious medical concern."


MSU Spartan Hackers use technology to innovate life hacks

Although "hacking" is generally viewed as gaining illegal access to a computer system, to the Michigan State University Spartan Hackers, it means something different. Spartan Hackers President and computer science senior Rajmeet Singh Chandok said despite negative connotations surrounding their name, the club works to educate their members about computer science and create a strong community.


MSU experts say self-care can help survivors during recovery, healing process

Self-care is often considered an underrated tool when it comes to mental wellbeing. It has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression while also strenghtening relationships. According to MSU Center for Survivors associate director Erin Roberts, self-care can be a helpful strategy for sexual assault and relationship violence survivors during their recovery process.


Do men really think about the Roman Empire? MSU experts, students weigh in

The "Roman Empire" trend, which has swept across social media in recent weeks, is simple: women ask men- typically their boyfriends or spouses- how often they think about the Roman Empire, to which many men reply, "constantly." However, people are questioning if men actually think about the Roman Empire that much, why they're so interested in it and, more recently, what their own "Roman Empire" is. 


MSU law professor creates project uncovering cases with legal citations of slavery

MSU Law Professor Justin Simard started the "Citing Slavery Project" in 2020 after researching sources for a project and stumbling upon citations of slave cases by modern judges. “The goal of the project is to document all cases involving enslaved people, either as litigants or as the property and dispute, and (we cite) all the cases... on our website,” Simard said. “It is essentially to get scholars and lawyers to recognize the important influence that slavery has played on the development of American law.”


MSU Indigenous community members celebrate Orange Shirt Day, honor boarding school victims

In May of 2022, the U.S. Department of the Interior, or DOI, released an investigative report identifying approximately 500 Native American boarding schools across the United States and Canada that existed in the 19th and 20th centuries. Three of them existed in Michigan, and one did not close until 1983. Now, Indigenous students, faculty and community members of Michigan State University are making sure the atrocities committed against their communities are not forgotten. The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, commonly known as Orange Shirt Day, honors the countless number of children who were sent to Native American boarding schools, many of whom never returned.


Students discuss campus safety on home football game days

During game days, it's common for people who don't attend MSU to walk into campus buildings and residence halls as they follow their friends or join in the festivities. For many MSU students, however, something as simple as holding the door open for the person behind them can create a safety risk.