Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Do men really think about the Roman Empire? MSU experts, students weigh in

The "Roman Empire" trend, which has swept across social media in recent weeks, is simple: women ask men- typically their boyfriends or spouses- how often they think about the Roman Empire, to which many men reply, "constantly." However, people are questioning if men actually think about the Roman Empire that much, why they're so interested in it and, more recently, what their own "Roman Empire" is. 


Students weigh in: Best comfort TV shows, movies to watch during fall

With summer coming to an end and the crisp fall weather rolling in, the changing leaves are bringing autumn vibes back to campus. For many Michigan State University students, the best way to celebrate this transition is by reaching for their favorite autumn film classics. From Halloween horror movies to Stars Hollow drama, here are some comfort TV shows and movies students think are perfect for the pumpkin spice season.


Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts', Taylor Swift and women in music: Students discuss

After a long anticipated wait by her fans, singer-songwriter Oliva Rodrigo returned to stardom with the release of her sophomore album “Guts," which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and showcased hits like "Vampire" and "bad idea right?". Admist the album's growing popularity, however, heated controversy has arisen on social media as users accuse Rodrigo of copying song patterns and sounds from artists like Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter and Miley Cyrus. With the debate trending across the internet, Michigan State University students expressed their opinions on the subject.


Students discuss summer of pop culture, redefining feminism

The summer of 2023 has been a whirlwind for popular culture and feminism, with Taylor Swift's Era's Tour causing a small earthquake, "Barbie" making pink waves in the film industry and Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour projected to become the highest-grossing tour of a female artist ever. For many Michigan State University students, all three have been integral in redefining feminism, beauty and sexuality.


How 'man on the street' interviews are becoming more intrusive

If you've scrolled through TikTok or Instagram in the past few months, you may have come videos that involve enthusiastic influencers running up to a random passerby, shoving a mic in their face and then asking a slew of questions, like "how much rent do you pay," or "can you rate how attractive this girl is?" MSU legal experts and students weighed in on whether the trend is an invasion of privacy or not.


'It offers these multimodal ways of expressing your experience': Looking back on 50 years of Hip-Hop

“It gives people ways to express themselves, whatever they're going through whatever their experiences are,” he said. “That's a way to express themselves in many different ways, not just verbally with your voice by say, rapping or singing, but by dance, with your body, or visually with stylized letter writing, or just sonically by making beats or turntablism, or reinterpreting music through hip-hop practices."