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Movies, TV shows to look out for this summer

April 19, 2024

After a year that saw a host of iconic films such as "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer," as well as beloved TV Shows like "Abbott Elementary," "The Bear" and "The Last of Us," 2024 has some big shoes to fill. That being said, there are quite a few movies and shows releasing this summer that will hopefully meet these expectations. 

Here is a list of movies and TV shows to keep an eye out for this summer.


"The Fall Guy" (May 3)

Ryan Gosling’s career has been making headlines for years, but in 2023 his role as Ken in "Barbie" thrust him into the spotlight once again. His next highly anticipated film comes out this summer, in early May. 

"The Fall Guy" follows Colt Seavers, played by Gosling, a stuntman who comes out of retirement to work on a film being directed by his ex, Jody Moreno, played by Emily Blunt. The movie’s production, as well as a rekindling romance between Seavers and Moreno, is halted when the star, Tom Ryder, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, goes missing. Seavers is tasked with tracking him down and becomes embroiled in a plethora of huge, dangerous crimes while looking for Ryder. A far throw from "Barbie," this movie shoves Gosling into a fast-paced, action-packed role. 

"Back to Black" (May 10)

"Back to Black" is a biopic depicting the life of acclaimed singer Amy Winehouse. The film follows Winehouse, played by Marisa Abela, through the beginning of her career, her rise to fame and her relationship with boyfriend and eventual husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, played by Jack O’Connell.

While Winehouse’s life and career contains many tragedies alongside her success, critics say that the movie, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, simplifies her story. There seems to be a cloud cast over its release with these comments, but it will ultimately be up to the viewers to decide if it is worth the watch. 

"Inside Out 2" (June 14)

The emotions inside young Riley’s head first graced our screens nine years ago, when the original "Inside Out" movie was released. This summer, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are back, with four more voices to join them as Riley enters her teenage years. Anxiety, Embarrassment, Boredom and Envy show up and push the original emotions away, who must fight their way back through the inner workings of Riley’s mind. Viewers are sure to relate to the wholesome, humorous take on the struggles of teenage years through the eyes of the emotions that guide them. 

"Kinds of Kindness" (June 21)

"Kinds of Kindness" comes from Yorgos Lanthimos, the same director who brought us Oscar-winning production "Poor Things." In an interview with the Guardian, Lanthimos said "Kinds of Kindness" is a contemporary film set in the U.S. following three different stories. Emma Stone, who also worked alongside Lanthimos on Poor Things, will be acting in the film alongside William Dafoe, Jesse Plemons, Margaret Qualley and many others. 

"A Quiet Place: Day One" (June 28)

This horror film is a spin-off that takes place in the same world as the first two installments of "A Quiet Place." Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn and Alex Wolff all star in the prequel, which will recount the first day that the creatures, who attack all sources of sound, unleashed their wrath on New York City. Actor and director John Krasinski, who directed the first two movies in the franchise, will not return to direct again. He was, however, involved in production alongside the film’s director Michael Sarnoski.

"Despicable Me 4" (July 3)

The "Despicable Me" franchise only seems to be growing. Thus far we’ve had three films following Gru and his girls and two "Minion" spin-offs. Throughout the releases, Gru and the minions have been popular among many age groups, with action packed fun and generous humor.

In this next installment, Gru, voiced as always by Steve Carell, is settling in with his wife Lucy, voiced by Kristen Wigg. They are welcoming a new addition to the family alongside their three adopted daughters, and the plot will follow their adventures fighting a new villain: Maxime Le Mal, voiced by Will Ferrell, and his partner Valentina, voiced by Sofia Vergara. New characters, villains  and plotlines will surely make this fourth movie a fun and nostalgic watch. 

"Deadpool and Wolverine" (July 26)

This highly anticipated film from Marvel will see adored characters Deadpool and Wolverine share a screen. While much of the film has been kept under wraps, the trailer depicts Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, being captured by and escaping from a group. The trailer ends with Deadpool laying on his back, and Wolverine, played by Hugh Grant, standing over him. Viewers can surely expect the laugh out loud humor and fourth wall breaks consistent with Reynolds’s character, and the gory, exhilarating action that comes with Marvel superhero films. 

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TV Shows

"Bridgerton" - Season 3 (May 16 and June 13)

The period drama that has taken Netflix by storm these past few years is back with a third season, split into two parts. The first will be released on May 16 and the second on June 13. This season will follow Bridgerton brother Collin, played by Luke Newton, and Lady Whistledown herself, Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan. Fans are anticipating a steamy, heart-wrenching romance and resolution for many questions left unanswered at the end of season two. 

"House of the Dragon" - Season 2 (June 16)

The highly anticipated "Game of Thrones" sequel series is back for season two this summer. After almost a year and a half wait due to WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, fans are chomping at the bit to learn what happens next.

A civil war will take place between the "Green" and "Black" Councils, an event already depicted through the separate trailers HBO Max released for each team. The new season is sure to be visually stunning, emotionally turbulent and packed with drama and thrill. 

"Umbrella Academy" - Season 4 (August 8)

The Umbrella Family is back on Netflix this summer with a fourth and final season. At the end of the third season, viewers were left with a cliffhanger as the heroes of the show realized they no longer have their powers. They must face new villains through a plot that will surely twist, turn and leave fans at the edge of their seats. It is also the end of the "Umbrella Academy" story, so hopes are high for a satisfying end to this exciting, fantastical family drama.


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