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Dank Discounts: Dispensaries look to entice customers on 4/20

April 20, 2023
<p>Photo by Matt Schmucker. Design by Madison Echlin.</p>

Photo by Matt Schmucker. Design by Madison Echlin.

The day is upon East Lansing. April 20, or 4/20, the unofficial holiday celebrating all things marijuana has brought special deals for MSU students and Greater Lansing residents.

Dispensaries in and around East Lansing are offering a variety of deals for residents.


Skymint is offering "doorbuster" deals for free "eighths," or 1/8 oz. of marijuana and tote bags.

Through April 24, there are additional deals including:

  • $15 North eighths
  • $15 North one-gram vape; 10 for $99 and 15 for $135
  • North 100 milligram gummies; three for $20, 10 for $60, 20 for $100
  • One gram Skymint pre-rolls four for $20
  • $25 Skymint eighths; two for $40, six for $49
  • Ounces as low as $49


The first 100 customers to spend $50 or more will receive a free merchandise and product bag.

Any customer that spends $50 or more April 19-21 can enter a raffle to win a 65-gram pre-roll.

Northern Lights FX "buy one get one free" gummies and chocolate bars will be available April 19 and 20 only.

Other deals will be offered through April 21, including:

  • Buy a Trap House baller jar and get one free .5-gram cart
  • $25 Gary’s Banana ounce
  • Full Spectrum Extracts one-gram live resin are 10 for $99
  • Fruit & Fuel one-gram vape carts are five for $50 and 11 for $99

Pleasantrees East Lansing

Pleasantrees will be offering a “4/20 bingo” promotional deal featuring bundles. Customers who complete the bingo will receive free gifts. 

Pure Options

Free “bundle bags” will be offered to the first 50 customers at all locations.

Additional deals will be offered throughout the week and can be found on the company’s website.


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