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MSU’s gun policy explained

February 27, 2023
A "Shelter Area Inside" sign outside of the Student Services building on Feb. 26, 2023.
A "Shelter Area Inside" sign outside of the Student Services building on Feb. 26, 2023.

Following the Feb. 13 shooting on MSU campus, Michiganders have discussed gun policies both on and off campus. Last week, the Rock on Farm Lane was painted with a message demanding students be allowed to carry guns on campus for protection. On the other hand, there have been several protests at the Capitol demanding stricter gun control

This begs the question: what exactly is MSU’s gun policy

A statement from the university General Counsel and university communications explains MSU’s policy prohibits students and employees from “openly carrying a firearm on all property owned and governed by the university.” Additionally, no MSU student or employee can possess any firearm on campus, regardless of whether or not an individual has a Concealed Pistol License

No person — regardless of affiliation with the university — is allowed to “carry a concealed firearm in buildings on campus or buildings owned and governed by MSU.”

Although no one can possess a gun inside of a university-owned building or entertainment venue, members of the general public who have a valid permit are allowed to conceal carry in outdoor public spaces, as stated in a Board of Trustees ordinance

This policy is because the university cannot be more restrictive in its gun policies than state law is. According to the statement, current Michigan law says “it is legal for a person to carry a firearm in public as long as the person is carrying the firearm with lawful intent and the firearm is not concealed.” 

The state law contains limitations, one of which applies to MSU, but not the entirety of campus. The law states that no one can possess firearms in dorms and classrooms at colleges and universities. 

The MSU Department of Safety is exempt from these rules.


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