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MSU students debate who they think will win the The Super Bowl

February 7, 2023
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Design by Wendy Guzman.

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Mid-February is quickly approaching, which means it's time to frantically come up with an excuse to support one of the teams participating in The Super Bowl because your favorite squad didn’t make it. 

The Super Bowl is America’s most popular sporting event year after year. Millions gather to watch the two best teams in The National Football League duke it out to claim perhaps the most prestigious honor in American sports. The winning franchise is praised for the next calendar year as fans rejoice by following their success all season. 

Most football fans will enjoy the high intensity of the game by watching the best in the business go head-to-head. Other watchers will pay attention to the marketing details, such as the special commercials and prominent halftime shows. 

Students at Michigan State University are thrilled to watch the highly anticipated matchup between The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles — even if they have different ideas of who might win. 

"I’m for sure definitely going to be watching the game,” kinesiology freshman Rebecca Seely said. “Me and my family, we watch football the most, for sure.” 

Seely watched the Kansas City Chiefs’ game before they advanced to the Super Bowl, and she wasn’t impressed.

“They didn’t do very well I think personally, so I’m betting on the Eagles," Seely said. 

Construction management freshman Griffin O’Brien is excited to watch the big game but is paying attention to the way the contest is trending.

“It’s more of like a social media showoff versus a football game with all the ads and stuff,” O’Brien said. “They point out all these famous people, they spend more time focusing on that stuff than the actual game itself." 

Though Griffin O’Brien believes the event could be altered slightly, he said it won't stop him from tuning in.

“I think the Chiefs are going to win," O’Brien said. “I think they have the better defense – I think both offenses compare, they’re very similar, except the Chiefs have the better defense so they’ll be able to shut down the Eagles.” 

In terms of rooting for a team to come out victorious, some students don't like either of the teams — as rivalries are certainly no joke.

“I'm rooting for the Eagles right now because I'm not a big Chiefs fan and I’m a Broncos fan,” James Madison freshman Benjamin Stewart said. “I’ve hated the Chiefs for so long.” 

Stewart said he will be watching the game with his friends, undoubtedly as he hopes the Eagles take down the Chiefs, his hated rival.

Super Bowl 57 will take place on Sunday, Feb. 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.


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