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MSU providing 'No Media' signs to students returning to campus

February 17, 2023
Visual of Michigan State's "No Media" signs.
Visual of Michigan State's "No Media" signs. —

Students will have access to “No Media” signs at 1855 Place and the Spartan Sunday event on Feb. 19 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

MSU deputy spokesperson Dan Olsen said the signs, created by Spartan Family Connections, are meant for students who are not comfortable sharing their experiences and stories from Monday’s mass shooting with members of the media

“We've also heard anecdotes of some students having a bad experience with some members of the press and not being as empathetic towards our students as they possibly could have been,” Olsen said. “As (students are) in spaces with some of the media who are throughout campus this week, as they cover their stories about the tragedy that we experienced on Monday evening, this is an opportunity for them to visually represent that they're not willing to engage with the press or share their story at this point in time.”

These signs will be available in "whatever paper MSU can find" and digitally for students to hold up when walking on campus. Olsen said the university is promoting the digital sign to make it more accessible for students who want to download it and display it on their cell phones

“If they're being approached by somebody and they know it's a reporter and they just don't want to engage, they just pull it right there up on their phone and they can just hold it up,” Olsen said. “It just makes it a little bit easier.”

The signs include the contact information of university communications at as a resource for media members who have questions or need additional information

“We are always happy to be that information resource for the media if they have questions,” Olsen said. “So this is another opportunity for students to not only say no, but also to be helpful to the reporters if they have additional questions that they wanted to follow up on.”


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