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'Give Green Day' raises over $1.3 million via 7,053 donations

March 31, 2022
<p>The Spartan Statue photographed on May 15, 2019.</p>

The Spartan Statue photographed on May 15, 2019.

Photo by Matt Zubik | The State News

On March 15, 7,053 donors across 48 states and 14 countries raised $1.3 million to support various programs, departments and projects based at Michigan State University for Give Green Day — an annual event hosted by MSU University Advancement.

Give Green Day has been hosted by the office since 2017, making 2022 the sixth iteration of the event. The day is solely focused on raising money to support MSU-based programs.

Some programs are academic departments hoping to raise extra cash for a particular issue. Others are small intramural sports teams raising cash for jerseys or other merchandise.

Associate Director of Annual Giving Justin Bricarell, who helps organize the day, said Give Green Day mostly serves as a direct channel for programs that may or may not have trouble advertising their cause and donation needs for it.

“What we do is we try and make it as easy as possible for programs across campus to talk about their programs and talk about their funding needs,” Bricarell said. “We really will feature a project for anybody we can fundraise for that's connected to MSU on the day.”

Bricarell said the day is in the same vein as events such as the MLK Personal Day of Service, where it's less a single event scheduled by University Advancement, but instead a collection of individual events — ranging from tabling to matching challenges.

“It's all hands on deck, and everybody's raising funds for things that matter to them,” Bricarell said.

The main channel events steered donors towards was the Give Green Day website, allowing them to read about programs and their goals before making a contribution through an online portal.

While the day as a whole raised $1.3 million, some programs received far more than others.

MSU Athletics received $462,767 as a whole, putting it on top of the Give Green leaderboard. The men's soccer, women's golf and field hockey varsity programs received the most out of that sum, with $58,765, $57,445 and $51,561 raised respectively.

University scholarships and fellowships took second place at $199,806, with a majority of that money going to various MSU Alumni Club scholarships.

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or CANR, placed sixth on the leaderboard, but still raised significant cash at $49,752. The biggest chunk of that money went to the CANR Whole Student Success Fund, which blew its $10,000 goal out by raising $19,365.

Interim Dean and Director of Academic and Student Affairs for CANR Kelly Millenbah said the money makes a difference for the Whole Student Success program, which aims to help students monetarily with things like groceries and housing.

“I think that we'll be able to offset probably 20 or so students,” Millenbah said. “I think we'll put a dent in it for some individuals, and it could be just enough to turn the corner for them.”

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