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Granger Construction Company offers hands-on experience to student organizations

November 22, 2021
<p>STEM teaching and learning facility, photographed on Nov. 12, 2021.</p>

STEM teaching and learning facility, photographed on Nov. 12, 2021.

Photo by Rahmya Trewern | The State News

The Granger Construction Company hosted an educational event at the Michigan State University STEM Teaching and Learning Building on campus last Friday. 

Granger is responsible for the production of MSU's new STEM building. The building was the first of its kind in 50 years and they were the construction managers behind the whole project. 

The event was for the members of the Professional Women Builders, or the PWBs, and the Student Builders and Contractors, or the SBCAs. 

The session also provided an information session that discussed certain construction techniques as well as pairing the techniques that were taught with allowing the students of these organizations to receive hands-on experience by providing mock sessions to counter what they have learned in class at MSU. 

Matt Bozung, the director of human resources at Granger, serves as the main point of contact between Michigan State, the student organizations, and Granger. He helped organize the activity.

“Specifically the event is about a lean construction practice called last planner and we are conducting a portion of that which is called pull planning and so we are conducting essentially a mock pull planning session with the students," Bozung said.

Bozung said the skills taught at the event are important for students to understand construction concepts.

“It is critical for anyone going into construction to understand the concepts of lean construction and also the last planner system in general," Bozung said. "All of construction is moving in this direction and the majority of companies that they will work for when they graduate do these practices in some fashion.” 

Construction management sophomore Timothy McAuliffe, who is also a member of the SBCA, attended the event to learn more about pull planning and the process that goes into scheduling construction projects. 

“I definitely learned quite a bit more about the process. I came in not knowing a thing about scheduling and I think I came out with a really good basic knowledge of how pull planning works and the whole process behind it," he said.

Construction management junior and PWB president Lia Mastroianni thought that the event was very enjoyable and beneficial.

“I really enjoyed the event and they did a phenomenal job. We actually got to get in there and kind of get our hands dirty. It was a good opportunity," Mastroianni said.

This was not the first time that Granger had come to MSU to teach students about specific details of the construction industry and certain processes within the industry. 

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