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Details on MSU Head Coach Mel Tucker's contract extension

November 29, 2021
<p>Michigan State Head Coach Mel Tucker analyzes the field during the Meet the Spartans event.</p>

Michigan State Head Coach Mel Tucker analyzes the field during the Meet the Spartans event.

Photo by Chloe Trofatter | The State News

Excitement is high as Michigan State Head Football Coach Mel Tucker signed a 10 year contract extension on Wednesday, Nov. 24.

According to the employment agreement from MSU, Tucker's contract is broken down into four layers.

The first part is a base salary of $5.9 million per year. Tucker then receives $3.1 million in supplemental income. This includes any media appearances and display of apparel and footwear.

The third component is an additional compensation of $100,000 for representing licensed footwear and apparel. Tucker then receives $400,000 yearly for staying throughout the year. This totals his contract to $95 million dollars over the course of 10 years.

"I said from the beginning that I believe that Michigan State is a destination job, it's not a stepping stone," Tucker said after the win over Penn State on Saturday. "And we want to bring a national championship to East Lansing. That's the goal – that's the plan. And we want to be in that conversation year in year out."

The assistant coach salary pool has increased to $7.5 million per year, improving his staff's salary pool from the previous $6 million per year. This allows Tucker to hire and keep top-tier assistants within the program to improve player development and recruiting.

There are several contract bonuses based on his performance as well. This includes $25,000 for Big Ten coach of the year, $50,000 for AFCA national coach of the year, $250,000 for CFP bowl game, $125,000 for non-CFP bowl game, and $275,000 for playing in CFP, an additional $300,000 for each CFP game, and $500,000 for winning the CFP championship game.

There are a few other perks within the contract including half-off MSU tuition for members of his immediate family and the use of two automobiles courtesy of the University. Tucker also receives a membership to the country club of his choice.

His buyout remains the same as before. It will stay at $2.5 million before 2022 and decrease annually by $500,000 until the buyout is gone after 2024. Compared to other major buyouts, this number is quite low and leaves the door open for other Universities and NFL franchises to come knocking in the future

If Tucker is fired due to performance, he will still be owed the entirety of his contract, leaving Michigan State vulnerable if Tucker does not continue to succeed.

However, Tucker has been very successful in his two years at Michigan State. Just one season after a dismal 2-5 start, Tucker has secured the second-most wins among second-year head coaches (12) behind only UTSA Head Coach Jeff Traylor (18).

With this contract, Michigan State is taking a big risk, but it is needed to retain a coach who is as promising as Tucker to prevent his departure to another larger program.

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