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MSU verification form offers 3 exemptions

August 13, 2021
<p>Journalism junior Maddie Monroe is handed her vaccine card and a sticker after getting the COVID-19 vaccine on March 29, 2021.</p>

Journalism junior Maddie Monroe is handed her vaccine card and a sticker after getting the COVID-19 vaccine on March 29, 2021.

Photo by Devin Anderson-Torrez | The State News

With the fall semester approaching, MSU released its vaccine verification form that all students, staff and faculty are required to complete by Aug. 31.

"The vaccine form that was sent today asks students, faculty and staff to complete a number of things. One of those being let us know whether or not they are fully vaccinated, received one dose or intend to submit of exemption," Deputy Spokesperson Dan Olsen said. "Upon their answer, they will be prompted to provide additional information about the vaccine."

Olsen said that after someone filling out the form clicks that they received one or both doses of a vaccine, they're asked to provide the dates in which they received their vaccines and the vaccine manufacturer. It is optional to fill out the lot number of where students received their vaccines.

Students are able to select an exempt option on the form as well. There are three types of exemptions, including religious exemption, medical exemption and exemption for students living at home enrolled in the university remotely.

"Those students who do submit an exemption need to be participating in early detection programs and be registered for that by the Aug. 31 deadline," Olsen said. "So while they're awaiting their exemption, they — like everybody else on campus — indoors are masking up but then the additional requirement of participating in the early detection program while they wait for confirmation or denial of their exemption."

MSU is trusting that students and faculty will be truthful with their vaccination status when filling out the form. If needed, the university will take disciplinary measures. More details on this will be released in the coming weeks.

"There are disciplinary measures that the university can take for students, faculty and staff including dismissal from the university," Olsen said. "I think the important thing and what we know Spartans always do is doing what is right for themselves and the best thing for our communities so we don't anticipate needing to use those disciplinary measures, but in the very low circumstances in which they are needed, we'd have those available and that's usually through the Student Conduct system for students."

The vaccine verification form can be accessed here.

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