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MSU's LBGT Resource Center renamed to the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center

July 6, 2021
The center hosts various events and discussions to help LGBTQIA+ students celebrate their identity, build community and understand the various struggles within the community and its intersections.
Photo by Chloe Trofatter | The State News

President Samuel L. Stanley announced on June 28 that the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender Resource Center will be renamed to the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center. This way the name is more inclusive of all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The name change officially began July 1.


"In 2006, when the LBGT Resource Center was founded, the acronym representing our communities was far less standardized than it is today," the center's website said. "Today our center’s name is an outlier among the Big Ten schools and Michigan’s public institutions. While it has served us well, the name 'LBGT Resource Center' now presents many challenges."

The name was changed to better represent LGBTQ+ students at the university. According to the center's website, some of the challenges posed by the old name were its lack of inclusivity and use of the outdated acronym.

The name change also highlighted that the center is more than a resource, but rather, "community builders who create a space for students to be powerfully and authentically themselves," the website said.

The website also said the center is a "home away from home" and a safe haven.

"We shift culture and work tirelessly to create a more inclusive campus for all people to be exactly who they are," the website said.

For more information on the center's name change and what they do, visit the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center website.

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