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Michigan State graduate programs rank high nationally

April 8, 2021

"Spartans Will" holds true as several of Michigan State's graduate programs have been ranked as some of the top in the nation. These range from degrees in African History to Criminology to Special Education and more.

The rankings came from the U.S. News and World Report's 2022 America's Best Graduate Schools Ranking

The Supply Chain Management Graduate Program within Michigan State's Eli Broad College of Business was ranked No. 1, According to MSUToday. 

"The Eli Broad College of Business' supply chain management graduate program maintained its ranking for the fifth consecutive year, claiming the lead spot over the Massachusetts Institute of Technology," the website said. 

Hundreds of students commit to Michigan State university each year in hopes of majoring in supply chain management due to its phenomenal ranking. While other majors under the Broad College of Business are popular, this specific degree stands out above the rest. 

"In NBA basketball there is the three-peat, which is a big deal because it is so competitive," department of supply chain management Chairperson Vedat Verter said. "Well, in the graduate space we've got five back to back, so we are thrilled."

According to Verter, there are two different programs under supply chain management that students can enroll in, including the supply chain concentration in the MBA program and a separate Master of Science in supply chain management. 

Students that graduated from these two programs have gone on to work for companies such as Intel, Cisco, Ford Motor Company and more.

The College of Education was ranked high for multiple programs as well. These programs include elementary and secondary education, curriculum and instruction, educational administration and rehabilitation counseling. 

"The program that I think U.S. News is most based on is the doctoral program in curriculum instruction and teacher education and that includes people who are going to do doctoral work relating to elementary education and secondary education across subject areas so science, math, literacy, English education, social studies education, and they also do work more generally in curriculum and instruction," MSU College of Education Dean Robert Floden said.

Students are proud and honored to be apart of such a successful graduate program. Additionally, many undergraduate students look forward to enrolling in the graduate program and continuing on into the professional world as Michigan State College of Education alumni. 

Within the College of Education, the Special Education graduate program is ranked at No. 12. Many undergraduate students attend Michigan State for their undergraduate degree on the track to earn this specific graduate degree.

"A lot of people are very aware that the special education program here is great, ... and personally and from an outside perspective it is very rewarding," special education sophomore Hannah Waldron said. "It gives me a lot of pride and sense of ease knowing that I am in a program that is educating me properly and going to be setting me on the right track, and that was one of the main reasons I chose Michigan State."

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