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Student fans react to Taylor Swift's upcoming re-recorded country music album

March 25, 2021

Photo by Emily Maze | The State News

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift announced on Feb. 11 that she will be releasing a re-recorded version of her 2008 album "Fearless," now titled as "Fearless (Taylor's Version)." Michigan State students are looking forward to listening the updated album.

The announcement came about two months after the country-turned-pop music artist dropped her latest album "Evermore," which was already peaking the charts.

“I am super excited because she has grown as an artist and her voice has changed, so it will be really cool to hear all of her new twists on the songs,” hospitality business sophomore Kate McPharlin said.

The album is set to be released on April 9 with 26 songs, which include six brand new, never-before-released tracks. Swift released her first re-recorded track “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)" on Feb. 12, shortly after the announcement.

McPharlin was impressed by Swift’s new version of fan-favorite country song “Love Story,” although she noticed it sounded much different than the original. 

“I do like the old one a lot, but I think the new one is also really cool and different," McPharlin said. "And I almost might like it a bit better because she has grown as an artist, so her songs have changed."

Back in 2019, Swift planned to re-record her first six albums that were released between 2006 and 2017, amid her dispute with record executive Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Records label group for ownership of Swift's masters. "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" is one of the first albums, the singer-songwriter would be releasing.

McPharlin said she is happy to see her take ownership of her music once and for all. 

“Scooter Braun didn’t really treat her well, and he forced her into doing things she may not have wanted to do with her music,” McPharlin said. “... She can really own it now, and it probably makes her feel really good.” 

As a fan, psychology junior Lauren Veldboom is also proud of Swift for overcoming all that she has with regards to her old manager and the media after so many years of disputes with Braun. 

“I am proud of her, after seeing everything she’s been through, I am excited,” Veldboom said. “I am obviously not a fan of Scooter (Braun) and Scott Bruschetta but I ultimately know that her re-recording everything is going to make up for everything.”

After listening to “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” Veldboom said she is intrigued to listen to the rest of her re-released albums. 

"It’s definitely not the same," Veldboom said. "She’s matured. Her vocals have matured. The sounds are a little different, but I would say to most people it sounds almost exactly the same."

The original 2008 album was Swift’s first to peak the Billboard 200 chart and ranked No. 1 for 11 nonconsecutive weeks. The album also earned Swift her first Grammy Award for Album Of The Year. With her latest win at 2021 Annual Grammy Awards for her album "Folklore," Swift became the first female artist to win the AOTY Grammy Award three times.

Communications sophomore Madison Robinson is happy to see that Swift can take ownership for the work she produced over the years. 

“She couldn’t claim the work as her own, so now she completely owns the songs she wrote and sang from forever ago, and they are fully hers, so I think that’s good for her,” Robinson said. 

While Robinson is eager to listen to her re-recorded albums, she said she was disappointed with “Love Story (Taylor’s Version).” 

“I loved the first one more, of course,” Robinson said. “I could tell there was some updated production in the new version, but she did keep it mostly the same, so I appreciate that but I think the first one's better.” 

Robinson is also thrilled to hear the six new additional never-before-released songs from her vault.

"I thought it was a good idea," Robinson said. "Instead of just coming out with all her original stuff, she added something that people could listen to from this year so I thought it was cool."

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Swift is also dropping a second track from the album titled "You All Over Me (From The Vault)" on March 25 at midnight EDT. The song will be released for the first time ever from her archives of "Fearless" album.


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