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A look at the most expensive apartments in East Lansing 

Looking for a luxury apartment? Here are some of the most expensive apartments in East Lansing

February 25, 2021
Landmark apartments located on Grand River Avenue centered around nightlife in the East Lansing area. Shot on Feb. 17, 2021.
Landmark apartments located on Grand River Avenue centered around nightlife in the East Lansing area. Shot on Feb. 17, 2021.

From groceries to rent to expensive textbooks, the cost of living as a student tends to add up quickly.

The average cost of rent this month in East Lansing is $1,306, according to commercial real estate research

According to the research, of the available apartments to rent in East Lansing, only 37% are below that price range, which is often the most common form of living space students rent out. Affordable housing that is below $700 a month is only available in the bottom 4%. 

This leaves 63% of housing available to rent to students where the prices rise upward of $1,000 per person. It does depend on layout, because the more students there are living in an apartment, the cheaper the price, according to the research. 

Luxury apartments like The Abbot, The Hub and Landmark  all fall in the higher price point. A studio alone at The Abbot on Grand River Avenue runs around $1,400 a month and even with two other roommates, it will still cost around $900. 

“It’s due to location,” Lead Community Assistant at The Abbot Cheyenne Perkins said. 

She said that the benefit of walking across the street to campus overpowers the price. 

More expensive apartments also rack up amenities like hot tubs, rooftops, massage chairs and pools. 

The question of budget reflects what benefits a renter’s desires. 


Landmark is currently the most expensive apartment complex in East Lansing. 

It stands above the Target built last year and offers a “unique resort-style” experience, according to their leasing information. With over 20 amenities like a business center, yoga studio and sundeck, it also allows for up to two pets in the apartment (only cats and dogs). 

Location is key with Landmark as it is right across from the Michigan State University Union and in front of a CATA bus station. 


There is a price to pay for the location. The only housing offered under $1,000 per month per person is their double-up floor plan. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but renters can decide whether or not they want a private bedroom at $955 or a shared bedroom at $755.

Every two bedroom apartment floor plan after that is around $1,050 per person. 

Single bedroom apartments with one bath are sold out but are priced at $1,475. The studio apartments are still available though and are between $1,235 and $1,300. 

The Hub

The Hub follows the Landmark in its trend of high rises and high prices. They offer the only rooftop pool and hot tub in East Lansing, as well as VIP apartments with restricted floor access. 

Their amenities include many similar offers by luxury apartments in East Lansing like full furnishing, wellness centers and a coffee bar. But where they stand out are the VIP apartment features like smart thermostats, voice-activated, smart-home technology and a 65-inch 4K smart TV.

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The Hub also offers the most diverse arrangement of layouts. In the studio apartment options alone there are five different layouts. The cheapest layout is often found in the two bedroom options, starting at $689 per person a month for a two bedroom that is shared and one bathroom apartment. 

The most expensive option without any upgrades is the Studio D layout, which starts at $1,329 per person. Any studio is going to be over $1,100 dollars. 

These prices do not include the $50 application fee or the $200 admin fee per person for any apartment rented out at the Hub. 

The Abbot

The Abbot is located right off the intersection of Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue. It offers amenities such as the tallest rooftop in East Lansing, a coffee bar, fitness and wellness center and on-site sauna. It is also completely furnished, as most luxury apartments are. 

Perkins said that The Abbot is already at 80% capacity for the year but there are still options left. 


They are also offering lower prices in comparison to their competitors, which Perkins said is due to the apartment complex’s age. Since it is one of the newest complexes in East Lansing, there are less property management costs. 

The exact rates for the apartments left available are for a private two bedroom and two bathroom at around $1,130 a month per person, a double occupancy two bedroom apartment that splits $2,460 a month between three people and studios around $1,370. These are the higher-priced options simply because they are almost at capacity. 

If renters want a view of Spartan Stadium from their rooftop though, the price may be worth it.

Looking for something more affordable?

If students in East Lansing are looking for more affordable housing, when it comes to amenities, there are significantly cheaper options. 

Most apartment complexes run by Community Resource Management Co. are under $800 per month, including locations near Grand River like the Oakhill residences. 


Block 36 offers arguably the cheapest apartments in East Lansing. There is only one floor plan, which is a four bedroom, four bathroom layout. Students sign up for a yearly lease at $464 per month. 

Leasing Agent Paige Longhi said that although the location is on the outskirts of East Lansing, a bus pass is provided. She also said that due to the pandemic, there has been a considerable outcry for quiet, private apartments that feel easier to social distance inside. 

Housing in East Lansing might be difficult for students to navigate, but Associate Broker Kathy Birchen, who has worked in real estate in East Lansing for nearly 30 years, urges first time renters (and repeats) to do their research. 

Birchen’s daughter went to Michigan State and she knows the process — comparing and contrasting the local property rents is the best way to guarantee the best deal, even if it is the most expensive. 

She said the current pricing for apartments in East Lansing matches the market and that the key is to pay attention to licenses on properties. Birchen noted to make sure landlords upkeep their appliances and properties in general and that having a landlord you are comfortable with is important. 

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