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QUIZ: What kind of college roommate are you?

October 3, 2019
<p>Design by Courtney McKown and Daena Faustino.<br/></p>

Design by Courtney McKown and Daena Faustino.

Take the quiz below to find out what kind of college roommate you are!

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re going home after a night of partying. What do you do?  

A. Sleep over at a friend’s dorm.

B. Go to your dorm, but don’t tell your roommate where you’ve been (it’s none of their business). 

C. Text your roommate 10 minutes before you walk in and let them know why you’re coming home late. 

2. It’s 45 degrees outside. You like a cold room so you keep the fan on. Your roommate asks you to turn it off. What do you do?  

A. Ask your roommate if you can at least have it on the lowest setting. 

B. Keep it on and ignore them ... they’re not your boss. 

C. Just open the window.

3.  Your roommate wants to have their significant other over for a couple days but the significant other has an odor problem. What do you do? 

A. Politely joke about them needing to make sure to take showers. 

B. Steer clear of your room for the whole time they’re over. 

C. Be brutally honest and tell them no because you can’t deal with the smell. 

4. The toilet in your room clogged up and you accidentally flood the bathroom. The water leaks into your room onto your roommates shoes. What do you do? 

A. Throw your roommate’s shoes in the washer and hope for the best. 

B. Throw your roommate’s shoes down the trash chute and tell them somebody barged in and stole the shoes because they forgot to lock the door. 

C. Leave your roommate’s shoes alone and act like you don’t know what happen to them. 

5. You just caught your roommate eating the last piece of your favorite food. What do you do? 

A. Tell your RA — you need a room switch because you have had it up to here with this roommate!

B. Confront your roommate and start going off about everything you dislike about them. 

C. Don’t confront them about eating your food but on the next day, eat their snacks. 


Chose mostly A’s? You are the “okay” roommate. A little rude, a little petty yet still well-mannered and respectful. 

Chose mostly B’s? You are the “annoying” roommate. Not really compatible when it comes to living with anyone, likes to argue and is normally the one who starts the arguments. 

Chose mostly C’s? You are the “cool” roommate. Wants to keep the drama down but also wants to be treated fairly. 

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