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Tips for staying safe this Halloween

October 25, 2019

Halloween is an annual holiday loved by most. With endless candy, spooky decorations, haunted houses and fall festivities, what is there to dislike?

It's a holiday appreciated by all ages — from little girls who trick or treat in princess costumes, to teenage boys who play tricks, to college students out at the bar, to parents who carve pumpkins with their children.

But with Halloween being a holiday filled with chaos, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you stay safe if you’re planning on going out to celebrate.

Travel in groups

Since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, that means a lot of students and local East Lansing residents will be wandering the streets until the early hours of the morning because of a lack of obligations the following day.

It is in your best interest to stay with your group of friends, especially if you plan on drinking, as this will lower those inhibitions. You should be going out with people you trust. 

No, not everyone in the world needs to be feared, but Halloween is a prime time for danger. The group that you leave your home with should be the group you return home with. You should check up on your friends during the night if you do happen to go your separate ways. A simple call or text will do the trick to ensure that they’re safe. 

Be aware of concealing costumes

Another thing to keep in mind is watching out for people who are in full garb, meaning if their costumes include masks or anything that prevents you from clearly identifying them, then you should avoid them. If they do reveal themselves at some point, then it’s most likely safe, but be aware of who you’re talking to and where you’re having conversations. 

Again, this isn’t me making a generalization about anyone who decides to go all out for Halloween. Rather, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, then you probably shouldn’t be talking to them. 

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Dress comfortably

The third tip is to dress comfortably. Halloween is a great time to experiment with creativity and crafting your own looks, but you should remember that the weather in Michigan is unpredictable. Maybe this year we’ll have a warm Halloween — though I doubt it — and you won’t have to worry about freezing the entire night.

Regardless, you should bring along a jacket, even if you just decide to leave it in the back seat of your car. The last thing anyone wants is to walk around with a cold the day after Halloween. 

Also, since we live in a state with unpredictable weather, you should keep in mind that it could rain, meaning any makeup you’ve spent hours on or costume accessories you’ve spent dozens of dollars on could get ruined. 

Make a game plan

The final tip I have, which comes from personal experiences, is to have a game plan before you head out to bars or parties or wherever your destination for the evening is. Before you leave, you should have an idea of what time you’ll be back, where a good common meeting place would be and where you’ll be staying the night. Will you be going home or will you be rooming with your friend or significant other?

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These are all things to think about in the week leading up to Halloween. Be safe and stay spooky. 


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