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Downtown dispensary Pincanna to open spring 2020

October 21, 2019
<p>A rendering of Pincanna&#x27;s approved site plan for a dispensary at 1234 E. Grand River Ave. Courtesy of Pincanna and the City of East Lansing.</p>

A rendering of Pincanna's approved site plan for a dispensary at 1234 E. Grand River Ave. Courtesy of Pincanna and the City of East Lansing.

Pincanna, a marijuana company, is seeking a spring 2020 opening at 1234 E. Grand River Ave.

The company holds world records for the amount of CBD in its plants, founding partner Rob Nusbaum said.

In addition to operating dispensaries, Picanna grows and processes marijuana, winning 45 Cannabis Cups from High Times magazine.

"It's not the New England Journal of Medicine, but in this business it is." Nusbaum said, "We'll be a low cost, high quality producer."

Nusbaum said Pincanna plans to sell medicinally when they open, but will apply for a recreational license if the city passes an ordinance allowing it.

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Nusbaum said Pincanna will offer delivery on whatever terms are allowed by the state and city.

While lounges for on-site consumption are prohibited in the current draft of the city's ordinance, Nusbaum said Pincanna is keeping an open mind if that changes.

Nusbaum said Pincanna is excited to become a part of East Lansing. He said they plan on taking a charitable and active approach to becoming a contributing member of the community.

He said Pincanna could hold a contest for local artists to create a sculpture for the building as a local engagement project.

"Everywhere that we're going to open up provisioning centers, we intend to be involved in the community as well," Nusbaum said.

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