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Editor’s note: The State News is here to inform our MSU community

August 27, 2018
<p>Marie Weidmayer</p>

Marie Weidmayer

Photo by Matt Schmucker | The State News

Welcome to and welcome back to MSU! 

For the past two years, and last spring semester especially, the sexual abuse by Larry Nassar and the fallout has been the dominating story about MSU — and rightfully so.

That will not change as the search for MSU’s next president moves forward, two new trustees are elected to MSU’s Board of Trustees and Title IX investigations into various MSU officials continue. The State News will be here to cover all of it and keep our community informed. We do not know what will happen next, but you, our readers, will be the first to know.

But, we are not the only ones tasked with demanding MSU be transparent moving forward. The State News needs you, the students, to take a stand and care about what happens. 

When the university holds meetings, asking for public comment on the search for a new president, go and make your voice heard. This is necessary to start the change so many people demanded last school year. 

MSU’s administration continued to do their jobs during the summer, so please take the time and read through the stories in this issue to catch up on what happened while you weren’t on campus.

While covering the administration is important, I do not want that to be one of the only things we write about. The State News wants to know about your student organization or the person on your floor who is doing really cool charity work or the intense intramural sports match that is coming up. 

I want to make sure we cover what you, our readers and fellow students, care about. 

In November, Michiganders vote for a new governor and representatives at the state and federal level. 

As students, we have to decide whether to register in East Lansing or remain registered at the address you came from. There is no right decision there, but the wrong decision is declining to vote. There is too much on the November ballot to not vote. So fill out a new voter registration or your absentee ballot and vote.

And of course, we will continue to cover MSU sports, including football, men’s and women’s basketball, hockey and volleyball.

We are here to provide a full picture of what life is like at MSU. We are here to serve you, our readers.

If you have any questions, concerns or story ideas throughout the school year, please feel free to email me at marie.weidmayer@statenews.com. 

This article appears in the Welcome Week 2018 print edition of The State News.


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