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Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at MSU in December

July 7, 2016

Updated Friday at 10:34 a.m.

The MSU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty have announced they were the ones who invited Milo Yiannopoulos to campus, although have not released more information, writing on the event page they were bringing "the most fabulous supervillian on the internet" to MSU.

"We live in a time where innocuous chalk writing drives some students to near mental breakdowns while demanding authoritarian action by university administration," the group wrote on the event page. "This sort of abhorrent behavior will be addressed, among other topics."

Though the group said Yiannopoulos is political, they are not endorsing a political party or candidate. 

British journalist and conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, currently a senior editor for, will be coming to MSU on Dec. 7, according to a schedule released Wednesday.

His appearance will be part of the Dangerous Faggot Tour, a series of campus tours where he speaks on topics such as feminism, free speech and Donald Trump, who he affectionately calls "Daddy."

His attacks on feminism, the Black Lives Matter Movement, safe spaces, progressives, higher education and the current state of American politics has earned him respect among those on the "alt-right," or those who identify as on the right but don't necessarily identify with the Republican Party. At the same time, it has earned him distain on many campuses and by those on the left.

His tour has caused students to protest across the campuses he visited. 

In May, his appearance at DePaul University caused an uproar when a student climbed on stage and student demonstrations erupted in the streets.

Yiannopoulos debated feminist Julie Bindel at the University of Michigan in February, where they discussed the topic "does feminism have a free speech problem?"

A campus group, to bring a speaker, would have had to go through Office of Student Affairs and Services.

"We have speakers of all persuasions, political opinions come to campus for all different kinds of reasons," MSU spokesperson Jason Cody said. "It would be no different. We're a university where we welcome free speech and debate and lively conversation about important topics."

Additional details on the planned event are unavailable. It is unclear who is sponsoring his visit.

Check back at for updates. 

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