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13 feelings Izzone members get on the day of the first game

November 4, 2015

Since March, the countdown has been on for this day. And it’s finally here.

Basketball season is back.

At 5:30 p.m., the gates to the Breslin Center will open. New and returning Izzone members will flood the stands for the first exhibition game against Northern Michigan University.

With the return of each season comes a mix of emotions — happy, excited, nervous and sometimes a little sad.

There is no better way to describe the emotions Izzone members get than with gifs.

When you wake up and realize the day you’ve been waiting for since the Izzone campout is finally here…

Dragging yourself to class even though you can’t focus because HELLO, IT’S BASKETBALL SEASON!

Trying to get your homework done before going to the game because you know nothing will be accomplished once it’s over…

Finally, your last class of the day lets out and you make your way to the Breslin Center with your friends.

Getting in line with all the other Izzone members and counting down until the moment the staff lets you in.

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When they scan your ID and then you make a mad sprint to get a first-row seat in one of the sections.


Watching the teams warm up before tip off and making fun of the opponent, because you know they’re about to get wrecked.

The lights in the Breslin center finally go down and as the video clip plays on the jumbotron, you start to get chills.

Linking arms with other Izzone members and cheering on the starters for MSU. Then shouting “who cares!” for the other players.

TIP OFF. TIP OFF. TIP OFF. And basically during the whole game.

When the game is over after a victory and the alma mater plays.

Then lining up to high five the players have a well-played game.

Going home and then counting down the days until you get to do it all again. Basketball season is awesome.


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