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Trowbridge Village redevelopment on schedule for August completion

June 12, 2015

If you spend any time on Trowbridge Road, you may have noticed an extensive amount of construction at that area.

The construction is the redevelopment of Trowbridge Village, which is expected to be finished by August, Director of Planning, Building and Development Tim Dempsey said.

Dempsey said the renovations were a necessity because it had been quite a while since the building was last remodeled.

“The existing building certainly was at a point that it was ready for improvement and redevelopment,” he said.

Another driving factor was business. Dempsey said at the time redevelopment was being discussed, Goodrich’s Shop-Rite’s lease was ending and they were getting ready to close their doors for good.

Dempsey said these factors, combined with a piece of real estate that was close to campus, made this a prime time for redevelopment.

One of the major changes to the site is the addition of a four story, mixed-use building, which will have retail space on the first floor and residential units on the other floors.

As of now, the shopping centre is essentially completed.

Dempsey said the mixed-use building is in the process of being completed, along with the expanded parking lot, which is also expected to be completed by August.

While Trowbridge Village will be open to anyone who wants to lease space there, Dempsey said he predicts students will make up the majority of the tenants.

“Given its proximity to campus, we certainly expect students will be a significant proportion of the tenants there,” he said.

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