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(SCENE) Metrospace and MSU Department of Art partnership approved

June 12, 2015

An operating agreement between MSU’s Department of Art, Art History and Design and (SCENE) Metrospace was recently approved by the East Lansing City Council.

The operating agreement states that AAHD will have independent control over the gallery for a five year trial period.

One of the key points mentioned in the agreement is AAHD will continue to provide exhibitions and events at the gallery for an estimated 20 hours a week and at no cost to the general public.

Chair of AAHD Chris Corneal said the City of East Lansing approached AAHD about partnering approximately a year ago.

Director of Parks and Recreation Tim McCaffrey said he was involved in reaching out to AAHD. He said the possibility of a partnership stemmed from budget challenges at the City of East Lansing.

McCaffrey said he knew AAHD would do an exceptional job with the gallery.

“We thought they would do a wonderful job and continue the evolution of (SCENE) Metrospace, so it seemed like a logical partnership for us,” he said.

Corneal said AAHD responded enthusiastically to the idea.

Now that the City Council has voted yes on the operating agreement, Corneal said AAHD’s excitement has multiplied. He said everyone is really looking forward to the new possibilities regarding programming, exhibitions, etc.

In addition to exhibitions, Corneal said AAHD is planning on also organizing workshops, guest lectures, portfolio reviews, etc.

“(We’re) limited only by our imaginations,” he said. “But the important part is that this is a gallery off-campus, this is an opportunity to link with the community beyond the border of the university.”

As far as exhibitions go, Corneal said AAHD wants to start planning right away. He said it’s a bit early, though, and not everything has been signed, sealed and delivered, so there haven’t been any concrete ideas.

McCaffrey said all that’s left to be done are a couple final signatures on some documents, which should happen any day now.

(SCENE) Metrospace is expected to be handed over to AAHD in early July.

Corneal said the department couldn’t be happier to collaborate with (SCENE).

“We don’t want to stop anything,” he said. “What we want to do is complement the progress they’ve made in the last ten years.”

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