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Large posters, unique furniture set-up makes space stand out

February 25, 2008

English senior Nick Vandermolen, left, shows a benefit of placing couches together as criminal justice senior Nick Jarmuzewski looks on.

Photo by Nick Dentamaro | The State News

The student: Nick Vandermolen, English senior

The crib: Lowebrook Apartments

The State News: Why is the furniture set up the way it is?

Nick Vandermolen: There’s only a little spot for you to get from the kitchen area to the TV area. What’s cool about the way it’s set up is it’s hard to get in there, so it’s awkward for people like the cable man, and it’s also not really conducive to talking, but it’s fun.

SN: What’s all that stuff on the walls?

NV: There are gigantic posters we made at Kinko’s, a prop for this movie I co-wrote and was going to co-star in, month-by-month lists of all the projects I want to do, a chart on the wall which represents all the ‘WWE SmackDown vs. Raw’ matches my friends and I have played, pictures from my friend’s date night every Thursday and a poster board that I made that lists crazy things my friends and I want to do before we graduate.

SN: What kinds of things are usually left sitting around the apartment?

NV: We have a ton of video games, so there’s tons of toy guitars and drums around. For some reason, we have lots of hats, so we wear them around all the time. It helps to lighten the mood sometimes.

SN: What’s the most comfortable part of the room?

NV: The couches are old and are really comfortable even without the cushions. They wanted to change our lamps and couch — the newer ones totally aren’t as good.

SN: Who has a bigger influence on the design of your apartment — you or your roommate?

NV: I think I probably do, only because I’m messier. He’s definitely gotten messier because of me.

SN: Do visitors affect how your place looks? Do you clean up?

NV: We’ll pick up a little bit, but it really depends on who the guest is and how well we know them. We’d clean up so they wouldn’t be as shocked because it’s already a pretty shocking room and we’re pretty shocking people.

SN: What advice do you have for people looking to decorate their places?

NV: The first step, I’d say, is make sweet posters at Kinko’s. Second step, trash the place. If possible, push your beds together — it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened.

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