Saturday, October 16, 2021

Western culture worth the fight

Nate Sherman

Our culture is being eroded and the American way of life is under siege by radical leftists who desire to destroy Western civilization. What communism would have done to our economy had it prospered as some “Americans” desired, multiculturalism will do to our culture if it succeeds — and that is destroy it. Multiculturalism is the belief that there is no American culture, instead, America is nothing more than a place on a map that is comprised of a populace that belong to different cultures.

Those who advocate this call the United States a “tossed salad” or a “patchwork quilt” as Jesse Jackson once described it. These anti-American radicals oppose the notion that Americans should belong to a homogeneous culture in a unified fashion. Forever gone are the days of national unity.

Jackson is the same person who chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western civ has got to go!” at Stanford University over a decade ago. That was not just a slip of the tongue; Jackson chanted this as he marched across Stanford’s campus with over 500 leftists. Even a person as blind and deaf as Helen Keller could tell you that Jackson has it in for our culture. Unfortunately, Jackson and his cadre of 500 marchers are not an anomaly. Many people who live in this country seek to eliminate our culture.

Leftists have tried fervently since the 1960s to subvert American culture by promoting cultural heresies, which really only amount to a form of subversion. These cultural heresies include, but are not limited to: Radical feminism, sexual deviancy, multilingualism and atheism. Anything that divides America, splits up the family or is an affront to Christian morality is promoted by the left.

The neoconservative-occupied Republican Party is not in league with the radical left but is eroding our culture nevertheless. Instead of defending American culture, the “New Right” is subverting American culture by replacing it with a nihilistic, corporatist culture. The people of Main Street don’t matter anymore, only those of Wall Street do.

Under President Bush’s “leadership,” mass immigration and illegal immigration have changed the face of America. Signs in Spanish can be seen almost everywhere, the “melting pot” which assimilated every other generation of immigrants into American culture is no longer working, and it seems that we are exporting jobs just about as fast as we import cheap foreign labor. The social fabric of our nation is in serious jeopardy.

Our common language is no longer common in some parts of the country. We are quickly becoming a Tower of Babel, and we will certainly approach the point of no return if the politicians in Washington don’t grow backbones and correct the problem soon.

Even our music and art have been corrupted by the poison of multiculturalism. Art has degenerated to the point where atheists cover statues of our savior in urine, and this “art” is displayed proudly in museums. The fact that these museums often receive grants from the government basically amounts to government subsidizing the abortion of our culture with our own tax dollars.

The music of today is no better than the “art.” In music videos, female singers perform in clothing unfit even for whores. The lyrics of rap songs routinely mention raping women, robbing stores and a myriad of other offenses that would even offend the likes of Ted Bundy.

When American youth aren’t listening to music to poison their minds, they might see Paris Hilton or some other decadent celebrity on television, thanks to the mass media. Repetition impresses the subconscious, and, in time, pornography and driving drunk will no longer be taboo.

Self-gratification has now become the goal of Americans. Our debauched way of thinking has direly affected our laws. Sexual deviancy is no longer taboo; it is taboo to criticize it. Abortion, illegitimate children and divorce are all on the rise. In fact, the number of babies aborted in the United States is greater than the current population of Australia. This may be the American dream of the left, but it isn’t the dream that the Founding Fathers had when they risked everything to sever our ties with Britain over 200 years ago.

Only a return to Christendom can save what little is left of our culture. The culture war needs to be fought against the hordes of liberalism, because if it is not, America will become nothing more than an entry in a politically correct history book. If you ask me, Western civilization is worth a fight.

Nate Sherman is a State News columnist and a member of MSU College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom. Reach him at

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