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Finding common ground

July 13, 2006
Lansing resident Tyler Houser and his wife, Denise Houser. —

Lansing — From blues fans to head-banging children, festivalgoers are finding common ground in music.

Each year thousands of people flood Louis F. Adado Riverfront Park for Common Ground Music Festival to be entertained by performing acts, carnival rides and people-watching.

Stereotypes are broken, where grandparents are Tesla fans and teens scream for Bonnie Raitt. For seven days, the festival brings the community together.

"I think everybody kind of blends as one, and you get to know people you never met before, and it is just a good time," Lansing resident Sue Keenan said.

For many participants, the experience is more than just the music. Common Ground is a yearly tradition that brings grandparents and grandchildren together, unites girlfriends for a night out and offers a date for young couples in love.

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