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Nutritionist presents food analysis system

June 18, 2001

Instead of letting warm-weather lemonade-sippers continue to drink unaware, nutritionist Roy Vartabedian will be on campus Tuesday to help educate them.

During nearly 10 years of research, Vartabedian has analyzed the nutrient density of more than 3,000 items in the food pyramid and created a point-system rating for each food.

The food analysis was published in his book, “Nutripoints: The Breakthrough Point System for Optimal Nutrition.”

“This is a nutritional system that will help the average person figure out what foods to eat very easily,” he said. “I show people what some of the surprises are, how I came up with the system and how they can use it.

“People wanted a simpler way.”

Vartabedian said people are likely to be surprised by the health value found in some foods - both positively and negatively.

“You would think the apple would come out the best,” he said. “After all, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ I found a fruit that’s six times more nutritious than an apple - the cantaloupe.”

The presentation will also teach audience members how to manage stress.

“My philosophy is if your lifestyle does not control your body, eventually your body will control your lifestyle,” he said. “Now is a good time for people to make choices about it.”

More than 140 people attended Vartabedian’s last presentation on campus in February.

“It’s very educational,” said Gene Miller, marketing director for National Safety Associates, which is helping sponsor the event. “I’m seating at least for 100, and I’ll stack 20 chairs over in the corner. He’ll have to compete with all this good weather, but we’re expecting a good turnout.”

Vartabedian’s presentation will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at MSU’s University Club, 3435 Forest Road.

Complimentary tickets are available by calling (800) 948-6957.


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