Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jackson cartoon was degrading

I really see why Martin Luther King Jr. dared to dream what he did. I can’t even describe how I feel every time I read a book, a paper or see someone on television who insists on promoting stereotypes about my people and/or maintaining them.

In Wednesday’s State News, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is the butt of a joke.

Not only is Justin Bilicki’s cartoon reminiscent of the degrading advertisements of blacks during slavery, it also disrespects Jackson’s “I am somebody” slogan that is desperately needed in the black community because of negative stereotypes and images like the one featured in The State News.

I thought this paper was also for myself, a young black woman who attends MSU. But I guess I should remain quiet since there is a minority representative. May I add, you’ve done a great job.

Thank you to The State News for turning the presence and meaning of a passionate person and his work into a silly, ignorant cartoon.

Ebuni N. Mosley
journalism junior


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