Thursday, November 26, 2020

Police insult U at football game

During the MSU-Purdue football game on Saturday, I found out why students and East Lansing police do not get along. During the fourth quarter, police and ushers were trying to stop MSU and Purdue fans from throwing objects at each other.

After not being able to do anything about the fans, one police officer started walking back to his post when he started giving the “Hail Hitler” salute. This really offended me, and I thought I would give the officer the benefit of the doubt. I went down to the officer and asked him why he did this, when he advised me to go back to my seat or he would take me to jail. As officers of the law, I would hope that our East Lansing police would be above this. The only thing I regret about the incident is that I would have taken the officer’s badge number, because he is in major need of a reality check.

Noah Babcock
marketing senior


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