Thursday, November 26, 2020

Money controls U too much

I can no longer sit back and contain my voice regarding the ludicrous attitude and mentality of the MSU administration. When I think of a university, I think of a place constructed for the pursuit of higher learning, a place where students and professors can exchange knowledge and experiences. Obviously, my definition does not exhaust the term, but one thing is for sure - the one word that does not come to mind is business. However, I am convinced that those individuals who are running the show have converted the pursuit of knowledge into a pursuit for the almighty dollar.

As I was on my way to park my car in the Shaw Hall parking ramp during the weekend, I noticed MSU police were directing traffic the other way. After I slowed down to speak with the police officer, she told me the Shaw lot was full. I explained that I have a pass which is good 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She simply informed me that those passes are disregarded on game Saturdays and that I could go pay to park at the Wharton Center. Not only am I frustrated with the unfairness of the situation, I am tired of these types of situations, which I have had to encounter too many times during my four years here.

I remember being told that the president of this institution has a business-oriented background, not an educational one. I am reminded of this bit of history all too often. Everywhere I turn my head, I am dropping more money into the hands of the university, and it just does not seem right.

We pay a lot of money to learn here and therefore, there are some things that we should not have pay for. Why do we have to pay to make copies in the computer labs and library? Why do we have to pay to use certain areas of the IM buildings? How long before we will have to pay just to get in? Why do we have to pay for blue books to write essay exams on? Why do we have to pay to bowl or shoot pool at the Union? I understand that the money has got to come from somewhere, but I think it’s clear there should be some services that are provided to the students for no other reason than that they are students.

How many times have you taken a class with a professor who had no interest in teaching or your success as a student? Could it be that they are teaching out of obligation to their primary interest, research? Don’t forget, research brings money to the university. How many times have you taken a class which was not even taught by a professor? Could it be that this is cheaper for MSU?

I do not want to sit here and whine, but these concerns need to be voiced. And though I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn here, this is a university, not a business. The students should not have to suffer. The students should not come in last. As it is, things are unfair and some of the priorities at the administrative level have got to be re-evaluated.

Matt Kenyon
psychology junior


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