Thursday, May 13, 2021

Libertarian Party gives U options

I was very pleased to see the editorial board plugging the three leading presidential candidates. It’s nice to see that voters have such variety to choose from. You can vote for Texas Gov. George W. Bush if you want government to get bigger, Vice President Al Gore if you want government to get a lot bigger, or Ralph Nader if you want government to get a whole lot bigger. For the millions of us out there who want government to get smaller, The State News offered no options.

But don’t worry. There is a choice for smaller government, and it’s the Libertarian Party. While the other parties are arguing over one thing - which one of them should run your life - the Libertarian Party is the only party that believes you should make the decisions in your life. So, on Tuesday you can waste your vote on a candidate who will make government bigger, more expensive and more intrusive, or you can vote for Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne, and get what you want.

Sure Browne isn’t going to win, but at least you’ll be voting your conscience and sending a message. If you give in and vote for Bush or Gore you’re telling them that you think they’re doing a good job. You can’t expect to stop big government if you keep voting for the same parties. So vote Libertarian and let them know that you can run your own life.

Nicholas Stone
mechanical engineering junior


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