Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bush supporters are not dumb

This message is for Jessi Phillips in response to her column about still trying to get over her annoyance at the half of the people of the country who could have been dumb enough to vote for such an uninspiring, unprepared empty suit (“U.S. Electoral College is not popular way to elect,” SN 11/13).

For your information, I may have been part of that half that didn’t vote for Vice President Al Gore, yet I still wasn’t “dumb” enough to vote for either of the two “idiots.” That doesn’t make you any smarter by voting for Gore in my opinion. I’m still trying to find something that he may have done for this country while in office as vice president, yet I can’t find anything that makes him worth voting for as president.

Next time, take a look at your own ridiculous choices before knocking any of those “dumb” people that didn’t vote for your precious idiot either.

Nicole Hill
advertising senior


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