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Committee to review on-campus parking

September 28, 2000

The All-University Traffic Committee plans to hold a meeting today to discuss proposed on-campus parking and violation changes.

Kay Rout, chairperson of the committee, said the changes could greatly affect students, faculty, staff, visitors and retirees.

The committee is expected to discuss the cost of parking fines as well as several other issues, although no decisions are expected to be made.

“We’re now asking for changes that are overdue,” said Rout, an American thought and language professor.

The committee also could discuss a proposed campaign to promote pedestrian right-of-way and the introduction of a geographic information system - a computerized map that could be used to point out specific parking areas.

Fred Poston, assistant vice president for finance and operations, will also be at the meeting to share his views on campus parking.

The committee is made up of faculty members, undergraduate students, graduate students, officials and various other on-campus departments including Campus Park and Planning and the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities.

Rout said questions have been raised about fines that have not been raised in 15 years.

Some concerns center around whether fines should be raised and how people can be deterred from parking illegally.

“I heard that when they did increase the fines, they were doubled and there was a big drop in parking violations for awhile,” Rout said.

Mathematics senior Timothy Carmody said the MSU police have been cooperative when he’s dealt with officials, but he has concerns about ticket prices and parking capacity.

“From visiting other schools and hearing from other people, everyone is alarmed at the price of our tickets and parking,” he said.

“It would be nice if they could get some more parking structures. But the problem is (trying) to build one without totally destroying the sort of scenic beauty we have on campus.”


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