Icers show skills in competition

In a break from the normal practice routine, the MSU hockey team had an inter-squad skills competition Monday afternoon.

The team was broken into two groups: Green and White. The competition was made up of rapid fire (six shots), accuracy (eight pucks) and hardest shot (three shots), ending with a shootout.

Rapid Fire:
Each player is stationed between the circles, gains control of the puck after receiving a pass and tries to score on a goaltender.

Danyelle Morrow / The State News
Danyelle Morrow / The State News

Jake Chelios: 2 goals

Kevin Walrod: 1 goal

Connor Wood: 1 goal

R.J. Boyd: 1 goal

Matt DeBlouw: 0 goals

Tanner Sorenson: 1 goal

Travis Walsh: 1 goal

John Draeger: 3 goals

Each player tries to hit four targets, which were positioned in each corner of the net.

David Bondra:
2 targets in 8 shots

Nickolas Gatt:
3 targets in 8 shots

Brock Krygier:
3 targets in 8 shots

Michael Ferrantino:
2 targets in 8 shots

Brent Darnell:
4 targets in 6 shots

Matt Berry:
0 targets in 8 shots

Hardest shot:

Chris Forfar:
90 mph, 86 mph, 89 mph

Anthony Hayes:
86 mph, 93 mph, 94 mph

Lee Reimer:
87 mph, 93 mph, 91 mph

Greg Wolfe:
90 mph, 94 mph, 97 mph

Matt Grassi:
92 mph, 95 mph, 95 mph

Matt DeBlouw:
99 mph, 98 mph, 96 mph

Ryan Keller:
89 mph, 90 mph, 96 mph

Justin Hoomaian:
90 mph, 87 mph, 91 mph

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