Monday, March 4, 2024



MSU releases statement condemning hateful speech, derogatory language incidents on campus

Student Life and Engagement and the Office of Civil Rights sent a letter to students addressing recent instances of "hate speech, derogatory language, and inappropriate behavior" on campus. The Black Students' Alliance said the letter was a direct response to a statement released by the organization six days prior to the letter, which detailed several "racial incidents" that Black students have experienced this semester.


How one muralist is uniting Lansing with one brushstroke

“In Lansing specifically, I feel like we’ve had a self-esteem problem for a little bit,” Pulver said. “It’s been fun to see us coming around to the other side of that and a renewed gritty sense of pride in our city. That’s something I deeply relate to and want to convey. To be able to do that in my hometown is something that’s really cool for me.”


MSU trustee, search committee chair concedes to president search criticism

Trustee and Presidential Search Committee Chair Dennis Denno released a statement saying he “misspoke” last month when he said the Board of Trustees may ultimately select a candidate who doesn’t receive the committee’s endorsement. Denno's statement followed multiple criticisms from MSU faculty and students regarding his comments, some of which he addressed in the statement.