Monday, June 24, 2024

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MSU Black female leaders integrate DEI into healthcare research, advocacy

Though strides towards achieving equity have been made, Black women still experience much higher mortality rates, risk of diseases and shorter life expectancies than women of other races do. Three Michigan State University leaders from varied backgrounds are working to tackle systemic and systematic inequalities at the heart of the most basic human right: healthcare.


MSU, Tucker to be sued by Brenda Tracy

Michigan State University and Mel Tucker are set to face a $75 million lawsuit from Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor and advocate who the university found to have been sexually harassed by the disgraced former coach while consulting for his team.


MSU trustee Rema Vassar resigns as board chair

Michigan State University trustee Rema Vassar has resigned from her position as board chair, according to The Detroit News. Her resignation comes two hours before a special board meeting will be held to discuss the results of a 63-page investigation into board chair impropriety that was released Wednesday.