Sunday, October 17, 2021

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2021 Spring Graduation is underway

“I mean, I'm sure we all kind of know by now that being online isn't exactly the same as being in person,” Gianiodis said. “You don't really have the same effect, or I guess, emotions if that makes sense. But for me, it was really exciting like I said, to see everybody in person and walk across the stage in person and not have to be online.”


Racist comments sent during ASMSU virtual election

ASMSU panelists were the only ones who saw the racist comments, not any attendees or other livestream viewers. Nonetheless, ASMSU emphasized in the press release that the organization is committed to creating a culture of inclusivity and safety at its events, workplaces and elections.


ASMSU holds debate between 3 candidates for president

The three-day voting period includes the election of the new vice president for finance and operations on April 13, the new vice president for academic affairs and vice president for governmental affairs on April 14 and the new vice president for internal administration and vice president for student allocations on April 15.