Sunday, May 28, 2023

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A step-by-step guide to MSU Recycling

MSU students, faculty, staff and visitors produced over 5.4 million pounds of recyclable materials and 1.4 million pounds of organic waste in 2022. But where did it all go after we threw it in the recycling bin? 


STEM event shows future footprint of MSU's campus

Much of the current plans emphasize protecting natural areas across campus for educational purposes and limiting the number of cars allowed in the heart of campus. The proposal allows for designated parking further from the center of campus and creates more open areas to walk from building to building, specifically around the Shaw and Farm Lane intersection.


The story of the 'Resilient Oak': MSU's oldest tree

What is now a severed trunk on the northeast corner of the Michigan State University Museum was once a giant, flourishing white oak tree — a “quercus alba” to be exact. The Resilient Oak Tree, thought to be the oldest tree on campus, has lived an estimated 375 to 400 years.