Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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How to stay healthy in the dorms

While hand washing and social distancing can help in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the following tips and tricks can help your body feel stronger and healthier as you head into the new school year. 


MSU recreational centers offer group fitness classes

Currently, Kegler is looking to hire instructors to go into either a mentor program or fully-certified instructors. Instructors in the mentor program will be training and working alongside a fully-trained instructor to learn how to lead future classes. Training for instructors depends on the individual and where they’re at — fully-trained instructors that are successful in their auditions will be assigned to a class to begin teaching in the fall.


A guide to Michigan State's fraternity, sorority life

The biggest non-academic group at MSU is the fraternity and sorority life, or FSL. Fourteen percent of all MSU students are involved in FSL in one of the 62 fraternities and sororities that are present on MSU’s campus. There are 38 fraternities and 24 sororities available for students to join.