Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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The SNOscars

Tis the season, ladies and gentlemen, for the Academy Awards are almost upon us. Better known as “The Oscars,” the best in film will be awarded with the holy grail of entertainment. Or, so one may think.


Local video stores don’t sweat streaming

As more students turn to online sites for a cheaper way to watch movies, local theaters and movie rental stores might be hit by the shift. More than 27 million U.S. customers are subscribed to Netflix, according to Netflix’s 2012 financial statement released last week. The number of customers increased by more than 2 million between its third and fourth quarters in 2012, and rose by 5.48 million since the fourth quarter in 2011. Brian Ballast, district manager for the Lansing-area Family Video, said many of the customers of the Family Video locations in Lansing are MSU or Lansing Community College students. But the number of young movie renters might dwindle as Netflix rises in popularity.


Most anticipated films for 2013

Hollywood is a fickle place — particularly its insistence on making sequels to movies that don’t call for a follow up film. I mean, “Grown Ups 2?” Really? The quality of the movies that come out in any given year is random and often unfortunate.


RHA hosts movie office grand reopening

Marketing freshman Addisen Carino and prenursing freshman Katie Justice carefully circled the shelves of movies in the basement of Gilchrist Hall on Monday night, trying to be certain they rented the best movies available.