Sunday, May 22, 2022



Get to know the artists of Prime Music Festival

Over the weekend, Lansing welcomed 18 different musical acts to Adado Park for two days of hip-hop and electronic dance music during its Prime Music Festival.  While on stage, musical artists can seem out-of-touch with their audiences, but some of the single and duo performers took time to answer questions from The State News about their backgrounds, music and what they were most excited about for their audience at Prime. 


A talk with NASA astronaut Dr. Michael Foale

A 26-year career at NASA and six missions in space are just a few of the accomplishments on astronaut Dr. Michael Foale's resume, and he, clad in a blue uniform bearing the logo of the familiar space agency, talked about them at MSU on Sept. 10. 


Michigan State student a winner of Lansing Sidewalk Poetry Contest

Picture walking along a sidewalk in the city of Lansing. There are pebbles, leaves and perhaps even small cracks in the cement.  Now imagine that you come to a piece of sidewalk that has words etched into it.   If you're in REO Town, those words belong to Michigan State arts and humanities senior Grace Carras, who was recently announced as one of eight winners in Lansing's Sidewalk Poetry Contest.