Saturday, February 4, 2023



How climate activism is intentionally becoming more disruptive

While Anantharaman doesn't doubt the importance of popular culture in the climate movement, they said there is more to be done.  “Getting involved with the political side of all of this, writing to your representatives, joining protests and getting involved with the climate movement," they said. "It's all important, and it's all necessary for us to face this.”


Campus fashion show features artistically diverse designers

“The inspiration behind my designs stem from an art perspective, so I like to translate art into clothing,” Designer Valdez Hodge said. “I’d like to extend my brand forever. So, like once I'm gone, I'd want the brand to live on forever and never be forgotten and keep going.” 


Michigan vs. MSU: Has the rivalry gone too far?

Students discuss if the longtime rivalry is still fun and games, or if it's become too violent.  “It makes me worried, if I’m being quite honest,” Gregory said. “If fans see their athletes doing this type of behavior, how are (they) not going to emulate that behavior?”